Three Ways of Training our Mind to Attract our Desires

Desiring is an innate nature of all human beings. It is involuntary in that we do not choose to desire but it comes about automatically based on certain factors. Our personality structure is made of id, ego, and superego. Id is part of our personality present at birth and it operates on the pleasure principle. It is ideal in nature such that it always desires even what is not available. The ego seeks to gratify the needs of id while superego balances between the demands of the id and how/when/where actually the ego is seeking to gratify those demands. In doing so, these three components of personality are all aimed at ensuring that we get what we desire. Since desiring is part of our personality structure, we need to train our minds to desire in a rational manner, not to harm others or harm ourselves.

Some of the ways on how to train the mind to attract what you desire include:
– deciding on our wants,
– being ready to dream big, and
– turning dreams into goals and objectives.

Deciding on Our Wants

For us to get what we desire, we must, first of all, know what it is. Living a life without wants is like living a purposeless life (which is useless). We must first determine what we would like to have before we can condition our mind to get attracted to it. Some our wants may be long term while others may be short term. We will get attracted to achieving these wants depending on when we want to achieve them.

Be Ready to Dream Big

The moment we get attracted to big dreams, we also get committed to them. If we train our minds to get attracted to big dreams only, then we will also have big desires, and vise-versa. If we train ourselves to get attracted to simple desires, then we shall remain simple and become simple-minded individuals. It is highly advisable to train our minds to get attracted to the kind of dreams we would like to be associated with. Even if we think we cannot achieve them, our subconscious will start pushing us to work towards achieving those dreams hence our big desires will be actualized.

Turning Dreams into Goals and Objectives

The dream is broader and general than goals and objectives. If we have a dream, all we have is a general picture of what we would like to have. Having a dream does not give us specifics of what exactly we desire. It’s easier to view our desires with the clarity of vision when we break them down into goals and objectives. This is because goals and objectives are more specific than a dream. Then we shall get attracted to what exactly we desire to have.

Generally, individuals are made in such a way that they get attracted to whatever they lack by instinct. It is always important to keep in mind that the role of logic and intellect is important in evaluating our desires. We should try to remain as rational as possible, however much we desire to have something. The basic question to keep asking ourselves is “ Is this in accordance with the moral standards of my society?” And your desires will obviously be rational.


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